Thursday, 6 September 2012

Brand new Blog - Hello and welcome :)

Morning fellow Bloggers and readers,

I've finally decided to take the plunge into the Blogging world with my very own Warhammer 40,000 Blog.  My plan is to update it quite regulary with pictures and opinions on the units and models that i paint for the hobby.

The first set of pictures that i will post are from my short lived custom Space Marine Chapter the Scions of Guilliman.  The original idea was that the army would be made up of Space Marines wearing only MkIV Power Armour, although i eventually decided that was going to be too expensive and so i went with just the command staff in MkIV.

The quality of the pictures varies slightly as i was using a standard Digital Camera and no tripod (unless you count resting camera on a spray can as a tripod lol).

This is Lord Rift, Chapter Master of the Scions of Guilliman - i used the Commander Culln model from Forge World as he is wearing MkIV looking Terminator Armour.  I've never used him in a game mainly due to the fact that you can't give Space Marine Chapter Masters or Captains a Relic Blade when in Terminator Armour (i don't understand why).

I had fun painting him with the colour scheme i had chosen to do for the army although when i started i had originally planned to have the white and green the other way round.  Also i hadn't intended to paint the helmet different from the torso (though when you see the rest of the army it does work).

Next up is the Company Champion from the Second Company Command Squad....

For this model i used the Finecast Emperor's Champion with a slight conversion.  I removed his left hand and then glued on the Combat Shield from the Assault Marine Squad sprue.  I had lots of fun painting the quartered colour scheme onto the shield and found that the patchy white i was getting while painting the models help to make it look worn.

After feedback from some of the members of the Relic Forums - i changed the way the end of the Champion's sword was painted...

...which to me looks a lot better, i also improved the sword for the Chapter Master.

I'm going to stop this post here as for whatever reason Blogger has stopped letting me increase the size of my pictures, hopefully a new post will let me carry on :p

Bye for now.

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