Thursday, 6 September 2012

Brand new blog part 2

The next model i bought for the army was the Finecast Chaplain with Jump Pack and i decided to give him a Power Fist from the plastic Space Marine Commander box.  The orginal idea i had for this guy was to paint him entirely white as i had liked the way the white had already come out so far with the previous two models.  As you can see below i eventually decided to paint him the chapter colours but keep the skull part of his helmet the traditional bone colour.

Overall I would say that he is one of the better painted models in the army and i really enjoyed painting him.  My only annoyance with the model is that there's a few air bubbles here and there, especially above the left air intake on his Jump Pack.

NB: I've just realised why i couldn't resize the pictures on the previous post.  There's obviously a limit to either the number of pictures you can post or the overal size of each post, so I'm guessing i'll be able to get 2 big pictures per post.

While trying to decide what i wanted to do next for the army i was looking at the various plastic Space Marine parts i had lying around (plus models), i realised i had enough parts to make a plastic Space Marine Librarian and here's what he ended up as...

I'm really proud of the way he came out and while some of the highlighting on his robe could do with a repaint, overall i think he looks great.  In order to make him i used: the legs from the plastic Space Marine Commander box and a shoulder pad, a robed torso from the Black Templars upgrade box plus the backpack, MkIV helmet and scroll, a Plasma Pistol and holster from the Tactical Squad upgrade sprue and from the Grey Knight Strike Squad box i used a shoulder pad, Justicar rear torso and the Ward Stave (plus arm).

While you can't tell from the pictures there is a small amount of Green Stuff on the lower part of his back as i had to 'remove' the torso part from an assembled model.  Annoyingly i managed to rip it off and so damaged the bottom part.

That's all for this post, next up will be my Sternguard squad and Dreadnought.

Bye for now.

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