Thursday, 6 September 2012

Brand new Blog part 3

Evening all,

Here is the Sternguard squad i made for the army using the Finecast version.

Gluing these guys together was pretty easy what bothered me was the amount of airbubbles i found amongst the models.  An example of this is the fact that Sgt's boltgun is missing it's leather strap and the beaky marine has a piece missing from his.  There's also some minor bubbles on the Sgts Power Fist.  Overall my experience with Finecast has been pretty good and i really hope within the next year Games Workshop drastically reduce the amount of air bubbles found in its Finecast range.

I had a lot of fun painting this unit especially the silver for the shoulder pad trims and their helmets.  I also found that i enjoyed painting the various fabrics on the models.

Next up is the Dreadnought i bought for the army.  I used the Venerable version but for whatever reason i made it look like a 'normal' Dreadnought which for me ruined it slightly, way too much white on the right arm. If i could do it again i would have made it look like a Venerable Dreadnought so that i could field it as one at some point.

In general i like the model and i had fun painting the legs and the left side of the model (the green bit) as well as the majority of the Lascannon.  I just can't stand the amount of white on the right side of the model.  Anyhow it's done now and i've stopped using the army so can't really complain :P

Tomorrow's post will be the remainder of the Second Company Command Squad and if all goes well i will also post whatever it is that i choose to buy at the store tomorrow.

Bye for now.

P.s As you can probably see i've shrunk the pictures on all my posts.  I noticed that if you click on them they will resize to the full size picture, so from tomorrow's post they'll be more pictures per post (which is a good thing as ive got 5 models to post).

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