Thursday, 13 September 2012

Brand new Blog part 4 - Sorry it's late

Evening all, sorry for the late update but ive been a bit busy.  Here are the remaining four members of the Command Squad for the Second Company of my custom Space Marine Chapter and their Captain.

Here is the Apothecary - i used the Forge World MkIV model and after having 'fun' gluing him together i had a lot of fun painting him.  The only thing i would redo would be the various vials he has and the reason for this is i basically had run out of time and wanted to get him finished.

Next up is the Standard Bearer...

For this guy i used the Forge World MkIV armour set, used an Assault Squad Power Sword and a Bolt Pistol from one of the various plastic Space Marine sets.  The banner is from the Command Squad box set.  Overall like the other models in this army i had fun painting him, especially the banner.

Here is the Meltagun Space Marine from the Command Squad.

The fith member of the Command Squad is this model...

I had a lot of fun painting this model.  He is the second model from the Forge World MkIV Command Set (the other being the Captain).  As part of the set he is the Standard Bearer but i wasn't too fond of the banner that comes with it.  So to change it i used the Power Fist from the Character Upgrade Set from Forge World.  Painting the model was a lot of fun and i especially enjoyed painting the cloak (same with the Captain model).  The other conversion i did was to use a standard MkIV helmet.

The last member is the Captain...

This is the second model from the Forge World MkIV Command Set.  The conversions i did with this model were to replace his right hand (which originally held his helmet) with a Bolt Pistol and use the Standard Bearer's helmet.  Like the Power Fist Space Marine i enjoyed painting this model and i enjoyed painting the Power Sword.

Well that's the end of the 'Brand new Blog' posts and next week i should have pictures up on my current project.  If all goes well i will have finally mastered painting Yellow!

Bye for now.

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