Thursday, 20 September 2012

New army - Pre-heresy Iron Warriors

Afternoon all (assuming people are reading this :P), just thought id do a quick post and say there should be some pictures coming soon of my new pre-heresy Iron Warriors.

Currently i only have one tactical squad of MkII 'Crusade' armour marines but i'll be buying more units as the months go by.  At the moment they are sitting on my desk fully assembled and undercoated waiting for me to start painting them.  Im using the Phobos boltguns and the special weapon/missile launcher set from Forge World as well.

The plan i have for painting them is to base them with Leadbelcher, shade them all over with Nuln Oil and then paint on the first layer of Ironbreaker.  After they've had that layer painted on i intend to wash them again with Argax Earthshade and then some final highlights of Runefang Steel.  Once they have all been painted like this i intend to paint on black and yellow markings similar to the Traitor Iron Warriors.

I think im going to plan the army out as 1500 points with 2 Vindicators and a Devastator Squad and convert a Techmarine as the Captain/Warsmith.

Either way in the next couple of days i'll take some pictures.

Bye for now.

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