Saturday, 20 October 2012

Orc Warboss on Boar & Orc Battle Standard Bearer

Morning all, I've finished both the Orc Warboss on Boar and the Orc Battle Standard Bearer.  I really enjoyed painting these two models and I think they are some of my best painted models to date.  First up is the Battle Standard Bearer.

When painting this model I found that for the first time I enjoyed painting the banner.  In the past I would try and do very little for banners, whether they were for Warhammer or 40k and so they were often just a single colour with some shade/wash.  Due to the way that I painted the shield for the Company Champion of my custom Space Marine Chapter I was able to then copy it onto the Standard Bearer's banner.  With the practice I gained from that I then used it for this banner.  The only tricky bit was trying to get the both sides to match which I've just about managed to do.  I enjoyed painting the rest of the model, though I did originally have his hands in fingerless gloves until I noticed in the Army Book they are metal gloves.

Next up is the Warboss on Boar.

For this model; when I was sticking him together I was also trying to decide what wargear I was going to equip him with.  I noticed in the Army Book that they have a very nice fifty point axe which I decided I was going to give him.  When I saw the one handed axe which came with the set I felt that it was too small to be the axe for a Warboss, so I got the axe head for the two handed axe and cut off the bottom part, snipped off the one handed axe from the handle and glued it on top.  Apart from having a slight curve to the handle I feel that it looks a lot better.  My favourite parts of the model to paint turned out to be the shield the Warboss is equipped with and the Boar.  I find that I like the contrast between the brown hair and the grey skin of the Boar and I really enjoyed how the hair looked as I painted on the light colour brown.

As I said at the start of this post I feel that these two models are some of my best work and I look forward to painting the rest of what I have bought for the army.

Next up will be three Night Goblin Fanatics.

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