Friday, 5 October 2012

Wee Orcs & Goblins, Boo Chrome

So, in order to write this new post I have been forced to install Chrome because for whatever reason there is a problem with Internet Explorer.  I'd rather not have to use another browser but meh, never-mind.

Rant over and now onto the good news, I have bought a load of Orcs & Goblin boxes for my new Warhammer army.  I have decided to make the switch to Warhammer as I haven't had much luck keeping to a 40k project.  So without further ado here's what I bought and two pictures:-

1x O&G Battalion = Comes with two nice sized infantry units and cavalry units.
1x Orc Warboss = The Warboss will ride the boar and join the unit of 5 Boar Boys and the Orc on foot will be the Battle Standard Bearer and join the unit of 15 Orc Boys.
1x Goblin Shaman = This tiny guy will join the unit of 20 Goblins.
1x Night Goblins = These cheeky little chappies will be armed with bows, sit at the side of the battle and wait for the enemy to charge them, thinking they will get an easy kill. But...
1x Night Goblin Fanatics = ...They will encounter 3 Fanatics hiding amongst the Night Goblins waiting for just this mistake :P If it works then lots of smashed foes.

Currently i plan on assembling and painting them unit by unit so i actually have finished models before i move on.

Here are two quick pictures, one of the pile of boxes and the first model i intend to paint.

This guy is already assembled and waiting for tomorrow so i can spray him.

That's all for now and i hope to keep this blog updated a lot more often.

End of line.

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