Thursday, 22 November 2012

A Tale of Two Gamers

Afternoon all, just thought id update everyone on what's happening with the hobby and I.

As a solution to fixing my current 'Hobby Butterfly' problem I have decided to start a Tale of Two Gamers (similar to the articles GW are producing for the iPad - with my local GW Manager.  He has agreed and so at the end of the month when I get paid I will be buying myself a Space Marine Battleforce and Finecast Jump Pack Chaplain.  The chapter I'm going to do will be a custom chapter with similar paint scheme to the Crimson Heralds, as featured in a GW What's New Today article back in March 2011, I'm not going to copy it exactly but the overall look will be similar (

What we both agreed to was to choose a Battleforce ourselves but the restriction was that we must use a HQ choice that we have never used before; and so I went for the Jump Pack Chaplain (which goes nicely with the Assault Squad in the box) and the GW Manager went for the Lord Commissar.  The Challenge for the first week is to have the entire contents of the box assembled and undercoated by the following Thursday, so that we could then have a game on the only full size board.  The budget will be set at around £75 (it was £70 but as he wanted to do Guard then had to raise it by £5 lol) each month with no limits on money spent for basing and painting materials.  Both players are allowed to raid bits boxes and I'm going to suggest we also allow purchases upgrade kits as I want to use bits from the Black Templars box and perhaps Dark Angels too.

Each week we'll have a game and then at the end of the month spend another £75 to upgrade the army.  I will most likely buy another Battleforce as it will give me two Tactical Squads with transport, two Scout Squads and a ten man Assault Squad.  The combat squad that comes with the box will be turned into a five man Sternguard Veteran Squad and then ten at the end of the month.  The other cool thing is that there is no points limit and so until the armies get really big then the games we have each week/month should be some of the best I've played.  Quite handy when you're playing the shop Manager :P

Anyway, that's all for now.


P.s I will of course be updating my blog as I finish each unit :)

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