Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Tale of Two Gamers: WIP part2

Morning all, I've just finished my Sternguard Verteran Squad and so figured I'd update my blog :P

Here they are: -

For this unit I used five of the Black Templar torsos, the banner, Power Fist, Boltgun arms, scroll, reliquary, shoulder pads and helmets from the Black Templar upgrade kit.  I also used the arm and combi-melta from the plastic Space Marine Commader box.

The models have been base coated, had the paint tidied up and the base painted plus a wash all over.  Only issue is that I forgot to paint a lighter brown onto the bases before washing, will have to change it when I add the layers on top.

Next up will be the Chaplain and his Assault Squad.

Bye for now

P.s Before I go, with Dark Angels coming out January next year there might be a chance this project gets shelved and I will be starting a new army (again lol).

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