Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A Tale of Two Gamers: WIP

Morning all, seeing that I haven't updated this blog in a while I figured it best to do so now that I have two units 'finished' (well base colours and wash applied).

First up is the Scout Squad that came with the Battleforce -

Sorry for lack of brightness to the picture but it's the models more than the camera.  Once I have finished doing the base colours and wash for the rest of the units I will then go back and apply the next few layers.  Originally I had planned on giving the unit a Heavy Bolter but I had trouble getting it to stick properly, so in the end I gave up and just gave the fifth Scout a Boltgun.  As you can see from the picture (hopefully) they have been based and a dark brown plus wash applied.  This was done for all of the models with the GW Texture paints (instead of using sand) as it is a nice and easy way of basing the er bases :P

Next up is the Rhino from the Battleforce which will be given to the Tactical Squad -

As you can tell the Rhino is a lot brighter than the Scout Squad and that is due to there being no wash on the grey or the red, though I have used brown wash on the metal and scroll/parchment (which you can clearly see).  As with the Scout Squad the Rhino will be left as it is until the rest of the units have been based and washed.  The only issue I have had with this model is that with my game last Thursday I managed to knock it off the table and broke off the Storm Bolter, so I'm going to claim it is a pop-up Storm Bolter :P

The next unit I will be painting is going to be the five man Sternguard Squad I made from the Combat Squad that comes in the Battleforce.  By my next game on Thursday this week I expect to have all of the metal painted and hopefully most of the base colours painted on, after that I will start on the Assault Squad and Chaplain.

Hopefully my next update will be sooner than this one :)

Bye for now.

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