Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion

Morning all, sorry for lack of updates been busy painting :)

Today's update features the plastic Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion which I bought on Saturday and finished yesterday afternoon.  The reason for buying the model is that just in case someone was thinking about asking me if I did commissions then I would have more than just generic Space Marines to show off what I can do.  Now there's no guarantee anyone will ever ask me but there's no harm planning ahead :)

Anyhow back to my report/review of the model...

Sticking the model together was pretty easy and I had thought about changing the left arm as I wasn't too fond of Daemon coming out of the shoulder pad or the knife the model is carrying.  But I realised that as I'm doing it as an example of what I can do then it would be best to try and copy the way GW chose to paint it and so I kept it as it is.

Here is a picture of the model after I had stuck it together, undercoated with Chaos Black Spray and then had all the metal areas painted on.

Next I painted on the base red colour for the model along with the rest of the base colours.

After all of the base colours were painted on I then tidied up the paint work and used some of the GW shades on all areas of the model.

After this I then painted on the first layer of metal paints, followed by all the first layers for the rest of the model.

As you can see the model is slowly coming together and starting to look great.  After this photo was taken I then applied wash to a few areas of the model (such as grenades, horns, base and stone) and then started to work on the two Daemon faces on the armour.  While not shown in great detail in any of the pictures I managed to get a nice overall colour for both faces.

Here is the finished model after about 12-15 hours work spread over three days and I hope you all enjoy :)

As a side note; the other reason for doing this little project was that I wanted to get more practice in taking pictures which had a consistent and clear look to them.  Granted I would like them to be clearer and have a slightly better angle to them but overall I'm happy (one thing to note, I had to use the auto-correct feature on the Dakka Dakka forums Gallery section, in order to make them brighter).

Anyhow, that's all for now and hopefully I will update this blog soon with pictures from my 1500 point Space Marine army.

End of line.

P.s Forgot to add that at some point I will be getting the Chosen from the Dark Vengeance set, so when I do I will of course update the blog with them when I'm done painting them :)

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