Saturday, 16 February 2013

Necrons arise!

Evening all,

I've just finished painting and basing all three of my Night Scythes, Canoptek Wraiths, Triarch Stalker and my unit of Heavy Destroyers.  For the army I chose to drybrush them metal and have certain areas drybrushed bronze.  Cables, eyes and anything with power running through it have been painted blue.  As you can see from the pictures posted below the scheme is rather simple mainly due to my desire to get them finished quickly.  Pictures below, enjoy :)

Here is one of my Heavy Destroyers...

As you can see the model itself is actually a Necron Destroyer and the other two are exactly the same.  I'm not a big fan of what the Heavy Destroyer looks like and so as I only have one unit of 'Destroyers' I use them as Heavies.

Next up with one of my Night Scythes...

When gluing this model together I found that the kit itself is a lot of fun to assemble and I would say one of their better vehicle kits, nice and simple.  Painting it was fun too as I used the large drybrush and rapidly moved the brush back and forth.

Next up is my Triarch Stalker...

Again this model was rather easy to assemble though I did find it a bit tricky to glue on the pilot's seat and control section.  Drybrushing it wasn't that hard either.

Last but not least are my three Canoptek Wraiths...

When gluing the wraiths together I found that the only tricky bit was gluing them to their bases.  Painting them wasn't that hard either although I did find their Whip Coils a bit tricky to drybrush, I had to hold the coil still with one hand and paint them with the other.

Next blog post will be for the infantry section of my army, hopefully at some point next week or the weekend.

Bye for now.

End of line.

P.s As of now my view count is now 1012, thanks to everyone who has viewed my blog.  Any chance of some comments? Garfy? :P

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